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Commercial Cleaning Robots and The Elephant in the Room »

by Richard L. Ward, Chief Technology Officer

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A Step By Step Process for Mobile Robot Success

We use our 40 years of autonomous mobile robot experience and knowledge in over 14 technologies to objectively identify what technology will fill your application need and help identify KPI's that match your company goals. Our 2400 installations in various types of facilities help us identify robot real world operational challenges within each environment. Cyberclean ultimately ensures you invest in the right technology for the right task to achieve maximum productivity and ROI.

The world's leading AMR companies utilize Cyberclean deployment services to ensure the proper installation and training of appropriate staff. We also work with manufacturers in product introductions and operational processes that ensure maxiumum customer satisfaction. We have perfomed installations for major Fortune 100 companies all across the US.

Underutilization is a pervasive problem within the AMR industry. The introduction of a commercial cleaning robot into a workflow will necessitate operational changes and these changes can be significant or very disruptive to your staff. The workflow needs to be planned, managed and adjusted to these dynamic environments. Our ongoing services prevent underutilization and ensure maximum productivity.

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