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for Facility Services

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Cyberclean Systems scours the world to find the very best facility service robots available and ready for prime time. We are technology and brand agnostic and experts at matching robot technology and products with the service needs in your facility.

Our collective experience includes:

5 service robot startup companies

7 service robot design projects

1,000+ service robot installations

100+ years installation and support of service robots

50+ years of business development and sales of service robots

10+ years manufacturing, assembly of service robots

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Installing, Training, Operating and Servicing the Best Facility Service Robots in the World
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ICE Robot Scrubber

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Minuteman Robot Scrubber

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Savioke Relay Delivery Robot

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SmartGuard UV Disinfection Robot

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Softbank Whiz Robot Vacuum

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Discovery Sweeper Robot

Expert Robot Deployment, Training and Services

Buck Ward, Founder and CEO

Buck is the founder and CEO of Cyberclean Systems. He has been a tireless advocate of robots in facility services for more than 3 decades. Buck combines years of experience as an entrepreneur and Facility Services Provider with his experience as a developer, manufacturer, seller, supporter and user of service robots. Altogether, Buck has a unique and deep understanding of robot technology and products and the application of both across many diverse market sectors within facility services.

John Sievila, V.P. Operations

John has over 25 years industry experience employed in project and program management roles by some of the most notable Fortune 500 companies including 3M and General Electric. His expertise is focused on establishing new functions and design strategies and processes to optimize performance. Throughout his career, John has played an important role in product development and implementation, overseeing service engineering, project delivery and post-implementation support for a diverse variety of products and services. As the former Vice President of Services for Intellibot, John has more than 20 years of experience implementing 1000 robots over three generations and transformed the company from an R&D startup to a full service organization, national in reach. This included building the IT infrastructure and processes, as well as the Customer Service, Field Service and Service Engineering functions. John is an electrical engineer by education.

Pat Kipisz, V.P. Sales and Business Development

Pat is the VP of Sales and Business Development at Cyberclean Systems. He works with clients to define opportunities and create operational plans for autonomous robots in their facilities. He also works with robot manufacturers worldwide to identify and acquire the very best for use in the company’s unique Robot as a Service (RaaS+) program. First introduced in 2003 to the world of autonomous robots he was responsible for sales and marketing at Intellibot and later with Nexus Robotics. Over the years he has worked with clients from healthcare, education, retail, office and transportation markets. Pat holds a B.A. in Business from Washington State University

Mike Sandell, Director of Training

Mike has been a key player in the autonomous cleaning industry for nearly twenty years. He has extensive, global experience in robotic installations, features development, programming, training and after-sale support. Mike has over a 25 years’ experience in EVS/ housekeeping systems development, with detailed knowledge of systems design, productivity bench-marking, performance and quality standards creation, and training procedures and certification. This knowledge extends across many markets, including Healthcare, Education, Light Industrial/Warehousing, High-tech and Transportation.

David Carter, Director Robotic Technical Services

David’s knowledge and experience with industrial and High-Tech equipment is rare and varied – he is experienced with High Voltage Electrical Maintenance and Repair, Electronic Maintenance and Repair, Fabrication, R&D, as well as Mechanical and Hydraulic Repair. His skill set is complete with his experience with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotic machines. After 15+ years working with Robots, he is a quick study with any new innovations and can quickly understand what a robot needs to be successful and how the robot should be safely operating in an environment. His overall experience in this industry is unrivaled as he has successfully deployed and provided service for at least five different autonomous cleaning robot operating systems for multiple manufacturers around the globe.

Rob Day, Director Deployment

Rob brings with him 25+ years of experience in the mechanical, electrical and automotive backgrounds. Beginning in the 80s, he has worked with computer driven products from both U.S. and import manufacturers designing, building and implementing complete wiring systems for both small and medium equipment. Rob has been working in the robotic field for 12+ years installing and servicing robots for 4 different manufacturers, two different operation systems over multiple generations.