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Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer
Autonomous Mobile Robot Pilot Program

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer (click logo)


Cyberclean Systems (click logo)

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer and Cyberclean Systems combined industry experts in their respective firms to evaluate the SmartGuard UV robot as a solution for automating disinfection routines for building occupants. In addition, the Softbank Whiz Vacuum was tested as a means to improve cleaning quality and the reallocation of labor to more demanding processes.

The SmartGuard UV robot works totally autonomously without human intervention, performing UV light disinfection by the way of pulsing Xenon. The robot disinfection process is safe around building occupants and can be directed towards high touch, high sensitive areas. The Whiz is defined as a CoBot and operates alongside a cleaning professional. The robot is moved to its home position and started. Then the cleaning personnel can be redirected to other tasks.
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Smartguard UV Robot

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Softbank Robotics Whiz Vacuum

Phase 1: Autonomous Mobile Robot Pre-Implementation Analysis

Site Study

Deployment and Change Evaluation

Site Hardware and Software Review

Executive Report

Phase 2: Implementation

Robot Hardware and Software Set up

Map Optimizations

Conduct Training

Performance Monitoring

Phase 3: On-Going Refinement and Reporting

Site Study

The Thalhimer main facility was evaluated for potential robotic operation and the proper technology was recommended. Cyberclean Systems unique skillset of both 20 years in facility services and 35 years in mobile robots enables the company to deliver significant quality, safety and productivity enhancements through the application of autonomous mobile robots. Some of the items reviewed and discussed include the following:

> Corporate Objectives / Automation Goals

> Project Robot go/no-go Areas

> Set Priority areas

> Evaluate and Test Robot Maps (as needed)

> Discuss Home Marker Locations

> Set History Files (if needed)

> Project Run Time

> Document and Project Workflow

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Initial Site Study Walkthrough

Technical Reference Links on UV Disinfection

SmartGuard UV Robot Specification Sheet

SmartGuard UV Fan Specifications Sheet

SmartGuard UV Fan Detail Presentation

CDC refers to UV as “alternative disinfection method”

CDC refers to UV as “alternative disinfection method”

EPA on why UV is not on “N List” of CDC/EPA disinfection approved products

National Academies of Science (referenced by EPA/CDC) affirms effectiveness against COVID

FDA saying UV is effective as a disinfectant

IUVA Association on history of UV as a disinfection strategy and COVID-19 specifically

IES FAQ on UV as a Disinfection Strategy

Dwayne Faria, Curtis Mummau,
Olivia Garber, Cliff Hamner
with Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

Softbank Robotics "whiz"
SmartGuard UV Disinfection Robot

Sean Greer, Sean O'Grady (kneeling),
Coleman Epps Josh Bowers, Andrew Clary,
Richard Ward with Cyberclean Systems

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Deployment and Change Evaluation

Successful Autonomous Mobile Robot installations always involve effectively managing change. The change specifically involves the entry of a high tech solution into a low tech industry. There will be changes to operational structure, scheduling and task allocations. One significant change consideration is the repurposing of labor and efficiency gains that will likely be gained. We are commited to supporting the training of existing facility services staff to higher paying technology positions. But it is more likely mobile robots are filling open positions while enhancing service quality. This signifcant paradigm shift in service quality and operational modifications must be effectively addressed. Cyberclean is uniquely qualified for this change management.

> Review Best Practices for Site Operations

> ID Growth Opportunities for Existing Contractor or staff

> ID potential internal barriers to adoption

> Operational coordination

> Evaluate / Plan Personnel buy in

> ID supplementary training needs (if needed)

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer Innovation Leaders

Deployment Challenge

Installed UV fans
where robot could not access

ID Robot Docking Area

video img

Initial Hardware and Software Review

Cyberclean technicians do an initial customer review of robot hardware and general operations to establish robot capabilities and limits. Discussions also identify available networks and configurations and integrated them as required. No other existing robotic hardware was onsite so no operational coordination was needed with other robotic vehicles.

> Customer Initial Review of Hardware

> ID and connect available networks

> ID additional robotic vehicles (if applicable)

> Assess storage conditions and plan

> ID potential data interference

> Audit / update robot software versions

> Assess sensor conditions

video img

Customer Initial Hardware Review

Josh and Andrew show
Olivia the Whiz Vacuum bag
collection area

Josh shows Dwayne the
Smartguard forward looking Lidar

Andrew reviews the Smartguard
UV Disinfection Tower with Curtis

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AMR Pre-Implementation Executive Report

A detailed report is being prepared with all metrics to evaluate robotic applications within the main facility. This report includes all items relating to corporate automation objectives, technological, operational and financial considerations. This report is fundamental to successful deployment and in order to meet company objectives for automation. It is recommended prior to any autonomous robot adoption and installation. The report details all considerations to be made prior to any significant investments.

> Corporate Objectives

> Technology Analysis

> Operational Analysis

> Financial Analysis

Cyberclean executive report thalhimer

Cyberclean Systems Autonomous
Mobile Robot and Automation Executive Report

operations objectives

AMR Operations Report Section

smartguard robot explain 2

AMR Technology Report Section

smartguard robot explain 2

AMR Financial Report Section

video img

Mobile Robot Set up and Installation

Home markers were installed. Locations were identified. Sensors were tested and verified. Disinfection points were identified and routes planned.

> Docking areas

> Determine and program service points

> Program planned maps

> Optimize as needed

video img

SmartGaurd Map at Thalhimer

smartguard map thalhimer

The SmartGuard Map
of the facility was created
using the LIDAR (laser)

smartguard docking map thalhimer

The Smartgaurd UV
Robot docking area on fl 1

smartguard map thalhimer

Setting UV disinfection
points in a scheduled workflow.

video img

Map Optimizations

Appropriate maps for each robot were created by our robotic systems engineers and deployment specialists and optimized for the most efficient productivity. Autonomous mobile robots provide various ways to program robotic operation. Our technicians are experienced in 7 different mobile robotic technologies. No other company can claim this skillset. We are technology agnostic and our primary focus is the succesful and productive integration of mobile robots to meet corporate objectives. Since most facilities are dynamic map optimizations may be required periodically. Cyberclean is uniquely qualified for this with its national footprint of experienced support personnel.

> Program Smartguard Maps

> Program Disinfection Points

> Create Whiz maps

> Optimize as needed

video img

Mobile Robot Map Optimization

whiz robot map thalhimer

Shaded areas show robot paths

whiz robot map thalhimer

Whiz reports daily run time and sq ftg

whiz robot map thalhimer

Whiz reports if any assist are needed

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Planned and Tentative. Cyberclean Systems will train the Mobile Robot Team at Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer to operate the robots pending the final executive report findings. Basic operation was desribed. Cyberclean provides on-going support and service to assist in the adoption, maintenance and correct operation of the robots to maximize productivity and efficiency.

> Hardware Training

> Software Training

> OEM specific Best Practices

> Path Planning Editing

training main

The Cushman Wakefield Mobile Robot Team

smartguard robot explain

Josh and Andrew describe
purpose of ribbon light
to Olivia.

smartguard robot explain 2

Josh shows Olivia the
advanced Fetch Robotics Base.

smartguard robot explain 2

Pilot Project Lead, Olivia Garber

video img

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Facility Service quality and performance results have traditionally been subjective. Cyberclean Systems was an early innovator in service reporting in 1985 and is working with Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer to apply the available robot reporting systems into a meaningful objective measurement of service delivery.

> SmartGuard Event Reports

> Whiz Connect Access

> Error Reporting

> Actual vs planned Square Footage production

On Board and On Line Production Reports

The Whiz shows
summary runtime data
and square footage production

projected on existing work
flow vs actual robot costs

Detailed tracking
of each robot provides
validation of services

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Robot Tsunami

Cyberclean Video Channel

Cyberclean YouTube Channel